Areas of Impact

Why We Advance Affirming and Welcoming Policies for Our Refugees Communities

Refugees have become an election issue at a time when we need to affirm the dignity of families caught up in the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, and those who are resettled here in our communities are facing significant challenges in the fight to rebuild.

Our goal is to advance realistic resettlement strategies for newcomer families that support investment in their long-term economic self-sufficiency.

What We Propose

  1. Improve government effectiveness to meet the needs of refugee communities by increasing their civic participation and ensure that San Diego's electorate is reflective of its diverse refugee populations.

  2. Reduce barriers to full participation in the civic life of our city by building a bench of civic leaders from refugee backgrounds that advocate to improve the quality of life of refugee families and other low-income families and children.

  3. Address economic inequality and promote opportunities that pipeline refugee communities to high-wage, high-growth employment sectors.

Our Priorities