Rent Board

San Diego tenants find themselves with little protections against issues such as wrongful evictions, landlord retaliation, improper maintenance, and unpaid deposits. These issues are compounded for refugee and immigrant communities who face language barriers, credit barriers and lack of understanding of available resources.


While many rights exist within federal, local and state law, these laws are often ill enforced and the public is ill informed about them and are not properly enforced at a local level to protect tenants.


The Solution

Creation of San Diego’s Rent Board:

  1. Enforce local, state and federal laws regarding tenant protections

  2. Conduct rental arbitration hearings, mediations and investigatory hearings on reports of Alleged Wrongful Eviction.

  3. Provide Legal Support.

  4. Track Rental Vacancies for Affordable Housing Units Throughout the City


Protect All

Refugees and immigrants in San Diego are at the forefront of the regional housing crisis, often forced to live in substandard conditions, fighting slumlords and living as ‘hidden homeless,’ crowding homes to ensure families and friends have a place to stay. The Renters Board will focus on improving housing for all, especially our most vulnerable.