PANA Steering Committee

What is the PANA Steering Committee?

The Steering Committee provides support, guidance and oversight of PANA’s campaigns and priorities. In order to advance our collective community work, the PANA steering committee will make decisions together at the monthly meetings.

  1. When considering any decision, we must consider how the options meet community prioritized  goals and builds capacity of leaders or facilitate the development of new leaders.

  2. We should always think from the perspective of the community (wear the collective hat) to determine what is best for the community.

  3. When preparing an item for consideration of others, previously identify those who make the final decision and the individuals or groups who will be consulted and informed. The presenting individual is not necessarily the person who makes the final decision.  The group that is asked for their perspective may be supplying only a recommendation and not a final decision. Functions not clearly established should be clarified before initiating the discussion.

What is consensus?

Consensus means overwhelming agreement.  It is important that consensus be the product of a good-faith effort to meet the interests of all stakeholders. The key indicator of whether or not a consensus has been reached is that everyone agrees they can live with the final proposal; that is after every effort has been made to meet any outstanding interests. Thus, consensus requires that someone frame a proposal after listening carefully to everyone's interests.

The benefits of using consensus

  1. Better decisions- because all perspectives in the group are taken into account.

  2. Better group relationships- by collaborating rather than competing, group members are able to build closer relationships through the process.

  3. Better decision implementation- When widespread agreement is achieved and everyone has participated in the process there is usually strong levels of cooperation and follow through.

Making the Final Decision

In order to advance our collective community work, the PANA steering committee will make decisions together at the monthly meetings.

First scenario: achieve unanimous consensus following table’s Consensus Diagram.

Second scenario: repeating the diagram by modifying the original proposal and integrating other viewpoints. In this scenario general agreement is reached with 90% support for the proposal.

Third scenario: Block. Look for a mediator or an expert on the subject to facilitate the conversation.

Fourth scenario: If it is an urgent decision the option with 60% or more votes is selected for a predetermined period with a date for assessment established.


  1. Facilitators: A chair and co-chair are elected from the general membership to facilitate monthly meetings and lead the steering committee.

  2. Member: Members attend monthly meetings, attend strategy prep meetings, and attend legislative meetings, and turnout for important public meetings and actions to help advance campaign goals.

  3. Note taker: Records what a group has discussed and decided.

  4. Timekeepers: Helps us stay on time and can help with steering the discussion back on track.

What is the role of PANA Staff?

The PANA staff are responsible for ensuring steering committees are safe and inclusive for all community members. The successful execution of community campaigns and priorities by ensuring there is a inclusive and participatory planning process. Staff also must ensure that strategies are carried out and supported by steering committee members and the community at-large.