Community Profile: Meet Qureesh Qurane

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Qureesh Qurane. I was born and raised in East Africa, in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia. In late 2006, I traveled to South Africa where my uncle has a business where I become a manager. After 4 years there, I left South Africa to come to the San Diego where I live today. The journey has been such an experience. When I arrived in the U.S., I was expected everything to be easy: finding a job quickly, getting an education. I expected education to be free.

Before I arrived, I had images of the United States from TV and movies. I expected everything to be flashy and fast. Now that I am here, I see so much that I didn't expect. I see people being kicked out of their homes, unable to pay bills, and struggling to make a living. I see refugees being supported for just a few months, but I've heard that in Europe, they help you get employed and stay self-sufficient. I was also surprised to experience rush hour on the freeway here. People rush to work, chasing after their self-interest and just saying “Get out of my way.” They don't care about the common good.

In the U.S., I have also seen that people are hard-working as they build the country up together. I love the law and order and freedom which I didn’t have where I grew up in the Ogaden region of Ethiopia. I’m proud and inspired to see people here developing new systems and new technology; I find many role models here.

I love San Diego. It’s sunny, people are friendly, it’s multicultural and laid-back. Our city is truly beautiful. I chose Grossmont College because I believe Grossmont College is the best school in San Diego. My goal is to be a good student, finish school, and develop my career as a computer scientist.

Source: Calls To Action