Preliminary Key Findings: San Diego Refugee Experiences

To better understand San Diego refugee experiences, we partnered with our community to explore a range of topics including housing, health, jobs and education. We learned that addressing the unique needs of this community confronted with deep poverty requires multidisciplinary policy changes and cannot be done by simply making adjustments to the existing ways of doing business.

We must rethink resettlement. We hope our research serves as a catalyst for imagining a more meaningful resettlement process. We will lead the conversation further by facilitating a community planning initiative to help achieve better outcomes for refugee families, and identify opportunities for systems-level transformation.

We're excited to share this 12-page PDF, an abridged version of the comprehensive report entitled “San Diego Refugee Experience” authored by Sheila Mitra-Sarkar, Ph.D. This abridged version is authored by Ramla Sahid, Oren Robinson, and edited by Stephen Heverly.