El Cajon Voters Pass Measure S

The voters of El Cajon have spoken.

Last night, El Cajon voters turned out in strong support of Yes on Measure S. The initiative passed in a landslide with nearly 70% voting yes. The initiative requires elections of City Council members by geographic districts in which they reside beginning in the November 2018 election.

El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells supported the measure, saying "Individual districts will allow each Councilmember to focus their attention on their own neighborhood within the city. It will give individual citizens improved access to their elected representative. It will empower residents by making sure their collective voice is heard through an elected representative who lives in their neighborhood."

PANA thanks our amazing team of canvassers and volunteers who helped educate about Measure S and get out the vote in El Cajon. Next up: ensuring meaningful community engagement in the process of drawing up El Cajon's first ever city districts.

Pana San Diego