Protecting Our Refugee and Muslim Families

It's been a tough few weeks.

Our families who had planned to be reunited with family members just a short few weeks ago, now have little hope to see their children, parents, and loved ones.

As you can imagine, the threats to the community are urgent and real, and the fear and distrust in the community is widespread. Our intention is to respond quickly and intentionally.

Here is what PANA did over the weekend:

  • Hosted an emergency multi-ethnic town hall attended by more than 250 refugees and their families to understand the impact the Executive Order will have on them (see photos below!).
    🎥 Check out this CBS video story of the event.

We have also:

  • Worked with the ACLU to ensure that refugees detained at airports in the U.S. and being denied access to flights to the U.S. from abroad are getting the representation they need;
  • Gathered stories of community members with family stuck abroad who are unable to return home;
  • Supported SB 54 (de León) - The California Values Act, and
  • Responded to seven press inquiries and worked to ensure that refugee stories and voices are being represented in the press.

We thank you for your support and value your partnership. If you haven't already, we invite you to join this battle, follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn, & donate to our cause.

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