Human Rights Day of Action


Refugees and immigrants in San Diego are at the forefront of the regional housing crisis, often forced to live in substandard conditions, fighting slumlords and living as ‘hidden homeless,’ crowding homes to ensure families and friends have a place to stay. The #RightToARoof campaign will focus on improving housing for all, especially our most vulnerable.



@ San Diego County Administration Building


On a Thursday night, over 350 San Diegans from the interfaith community, civil and human rights groups, labor and social service organizations, and compassionate individuals came together to affirm our commitment to make San Diego a safe haven for refugees and immigrants from around the world, especially those fleeing a crisis of violence and terror. 

Standing Up For Refugees

At the Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans (PANA), we’re standing for positive, responsible, and fact-based policy upholding our fundamental American values. Because we know, when refugee communities are a part of our democracy, enriching diversity, and strengthening our economy, we all win.

Thanks to the hard work of our PANA leaders, in 2016 we:

  • engaged over 6,000 New Americans through our leadership development program,
  • published the 2016 report on refugee experiences,
  • registered 731 new voters,
  • contacted over 6,400 voters, 
  • and have began to change the conversation in San Diego.

We can't afford to stand by as our society scapegoats Muslims or be spectators as our country turns its back on refugees. We need you to #ShowUp4Refugees.

Now is the time to invest on the ground. Please consider supporting our work by becoming sustaining donor to grow our movement.