San Diego Free Press: Trump’s Long Shadow Falls on San Diego Immigrants, Refugees, Muslims

PANA's Community Town Hall event on executive orders was covered by San Diego Free Press in the article "Trump’s Long Shadow Falls on San Diego Immigrants, Refugees, Muslims", published on Jan 30, 2017 by Anna Daniels.

The passage:

A few hours earlier a town hall took place in the mid-city community of City Heights, where 38% of the residents are foreign born immigrants and refugees. PANA (Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans) had assembled civic leaders to address the questions raised by over 300 hundred people who packed the East African Community Center.

City Height’s Sudanese and Somali residents were the most heavily represented of the seven Muslim majority countries specified in the ban. Some had refugee status, while others were green card holders (permanent resident status) and others were American citizens.

If the airport protests later that evening represented what America looks like, the concerned faces in that town hall meeting reflected how the Trump administration has set about attacking that very thing.

I arrived at the town hall meeting too late to hear who was providing legal analysis to the group. The clearest message was directed to green card holders and those with dual citizenship who were counseled to not leave the country if at all avoidable. Legal advisors felt that it would take some time to get legal clarity on who was ultimately affected by the executive order.





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