Welcoming week

Thu, Sep 22, 2016

Join us on Twitter at #WelcomingWeek #PowerHour.

Other optional hashtags: #ShowUp4Refugees #RefugeesWelcome #SanDiego

12:00 PM - Question 1
Introduce yourself and/or your organization by sharing how or why you are celebrating 

12:10 PM - Question 2
What is your vision for a more welcoming San Diego? What responsibility do our elected leaders have to better support our newcomer community?

Tip: Take a moment to search the #WelcomingWeek hashtag and reply to or retweet at least one post.

12:20 PM - Question 3
How is our community better off in a more welcoming world? I.e. Innovation, vibrancy, shared values, friendliness, humanity, dignity, etc

Pana San Diego