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Sign on to show your support for refugees in San Diego City & County.
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Organization Sign-On Statement

  • Our public officials should lead by example, promoting dignity and respect for all;
  • Our elected leaders should support legislation that keeps us safe and moves us to respect and promote the equality and the dignity of every human being;
  • Our elected leaders should provide shelter, sustenance, and other vital resources to refugee families fleeing to our county;
  • We commit to care for the poor, vulnerable, and most marginalized in our communities and across the globe;
  • We commit to speak against discriminatory policies such as HR 4038 as a form of un-American xenophobia that seems sadly reminiscent of chapters in our history when we failed to provide safe haven for those fleeing terrorists;
  • We commit to work together against hateful rhetoric, punitive policies, and the scapegoating of any group, and for the advancement of racial justice and equity.

3 Ways to Take Action

  1. Show your support and Sign on now
  2. Encourage your membership to attend in large numbers the community action on Thursday, Dec. 10, 5 - 7 pm, downtown at the San Diego County Administration Building (Waterfront Park), 1600 Pacific Highway (on the bay side).
  3. Share the Facebook event as broadly as possible. Invite people individually.
  4. Share this social media sign-on link (Thunderclap). Use hashtags #ShowUp4Refugees and/or #RefugeesWelcome

Who We Are

The Partnership for the Advancement of New Americans, Alliance San Diego, San Diego ACLU, United Domestic Workers, the Interfaith Center for Worker Justice, many other allied organizations, and an interfaith committee of religious leaders have created a community event to respond to the government’s shameful rejection of refugees from Syria, who are fleeing civil war, terror, and forced displacement. We call for a public demonstration of our commitment to protecting society’s most vulnerable.

Why This Matters

San Diego’s interfaith community, civil and human rights groups, labor and social service organizations, and compassionate individuals come together to affirm our commitment to make San Diego a safe haven for refugees and immigrants from around the world, especially those fleeing a crisis of violence and terror.

As a border community inhabited by immigrants and refugees that make San Diego the great city it is, we affirm the dignity and humanity of the millions of Syrian refugees, including torture survivors, people with special medical needs, women who head households, and children, all of whom deserve our sympathy and direct support in this time of crisis.  

The recent vote by three of San Diego’s congressional leaders (Reps. Hunter, Issa, and Peters) to support discriminatory and anti-refugee legislation was devastating. Congress’s fear-based and inflammatory rhetoric creates a climate that breeds distrust, hate, and violence, as evidenced by recent attacks on Muslim women here in San Diego.

As our U.S. history demonstrates, policies fueled by discrimination and fear only lead to outcomes that violate the human rights of refugees. Because San Diego resettles approximately 3,500 refugees a year, our county should lead by example by welcoming the refugees seeking sanctuary.

Source: Archive