Community Profile: Meet Danya

My name is Danya Greenberg and I am a student at Muhlenberg College in PA.  I am so honored to be joining the PANA team for the summer as the Membership Intern.  I am double majoring in Public Health and Political Science with a large interest in public health policy.  When I heard about PANA a few years back, I fell in love with their mission and vision for the inclusion of refugees through the lens of policy, but my passions at the time were elsewhere.  In the past year, with the influence of the upcoming Presidential Election, my passions evolved and shifted to policy.  I found myself wanting to be aware, informed, and forming my own opinions on matters; I did not want to be complacent, silent, and unsure of my values. 

My passion for public health and the way inequities influence the well-being of different populations combined with my passion for policies that include and make visible vulnerable populations drew me once again to PANA.  The more time I spend at PANA, the more certain I am that I want to continue working with an organization committed to the values that I share.  I am ready to make meaningful contributions to a population that needs institutional support, the opportunity to share their voice, and meaningful change.  I can’t wait to continue on this journey with PANA.

Pana San Diego