Community Profile: Meet Fahad


My name is Fahad Mohamed and I am a Youth Leader at PANA. I wanted to join PANA because  I was inspired to be part of a team that makes a positive and effective change in my community. I want to spread knowledge and awareness to others so they can also be part of this collective change. Martin Luther King is my biggest inspiration when it comes to being a leader. I remember learning about Martin Luther King when I was in middle school and my teacher told me to be a leader not a follower.   I believe that being a leader is important because it inspires people. And when people are inspired, positive change will come. I am guided by a very strong moral ethic and self discipline and I also have great influences in my life that motivate me to be authentically me and advocate for my community.                                    

    Last year was the first year I voted, before that I never understood the importance of voting and how critical it was to make a difference in the community. I was part of a team of youth to get out the vote, I was surprised to see how many people were not voting but after weeks of training at PANA I was well informed and had the necessary tools to help educate my neighbors on voting matters. Although it was a long and tedious process filled with very long walks in the summer heat and being chased by dogs I can say that it inspired me to be more civically engaged and get others to be more involved as well. I am looking forward and excited to be part of bigger projects at PANA and continue to advocate with my community.


Pana San Diego